4 Ways to Lose Credibility with your Social Media Campaign

Posted: December 10, 2013 in The Numbers
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In Social Media marketing campaigns the increases you want to see each day is in followers or likes, increased site traffic and the overall goal, increased revenue. In recent posts I’ve explained a few strategies on how to acquire followers, however now I’m going to explain WHAT NOT TO DO with your Social Media.


1) Don’t “blow up my news feed”

Too often do marketers confuse a successful Social Media presence with the amount of posts they put out per hour. Many that do not understand their target market tend to think that they need to create Social Media content to post and share more often than they should.

Why is this? It is important to remember every detail about your target market, they are not only picky but they are EXTREMELY picky. If you are “blowing up their news feed” then you will lose a follower, because it is much easier for today’s generation to unfollow, or unlike your page rather than have to scroll through pages and pages of your posts. Don’t feel bad, a lot of people will unfollow their close friends for the same reasons. We want what we want and we see what we want to see, when we want to see it. It’s thin ice and you need to focus on the content of your posts rather than frequency. We are looking for quality, not quantity.


2) Vote for Pedro!! 

If you finally gain a following in your Social Media efforts and then instantly turn around and use your following to market a different idea/product then you will lose credibility with your target market and this could very likely end up losing followers for yourself.

Why is this?  Too often Campaigns that instantly take off go from giveaways to ” vote for my brother Tom- he could win a new car!” Why does this hurt your campaign? Because when you receive a new follower there exists a mental contract that follower signs with your Social Media. First, everyone does a “stalk” of your Social Media pages/efforts and then decides if they like your content. The mental contract states that if you change the content that is posted, they no longer will be following what you post. When someone likes your Facebook page or follows you on Twitter they are agreeing to see the content that you have posted in the past, if you change that… It’s likely they won’t see anything you post from that time forward.


3) Not posting enough

It’s a fine line between posting too often and posting too little. How do you know when to post? What should you post? You will lose credibility in your Social Media efforts if you are not posting useful information.

Why is this? If you gain a following by doing giveaways or having one or two posts that go viral, and then lose sight of the true necessity of a Social Media presence and you are just content with the efforts you displayed up until that point- you lose not only your following but you will lose respect from your target market. Respect is what creates costumers-don’t lose it.

4) “Hey, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving?”

This is what I like to call a nothing post. There is literally no point to this type of post. You can change Thanksgiving with any other Holiday that you prefer to talk about, but they are all nothing posts.

Why is this? We can touch back on the mental contract signed when someone follows you- we can talk about how your post is not related to your product or service that you would like to be advertised- we can even talk about posting too much or too little. These are all related because if you have time to post ” hey how was Halloween” That means you have not been posting meaningful posts in the high traffic times of the day, or it means that you have been posting at the right times and then you posted your nothing post which cracked the ice (posting too much is like standing on thin ice)  Nothing posts can easily be the death of your Social Media efforts.


If you stay away from these DO NOT DO’s of Social Media, your chances of having a more successful Social Media campaign increase rapidly and your consistency in total amount of people reached in your target market will be surprising to you, but to those who understand the game- it’s exactly what we expect.


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